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So its time to renovate your home. Here's a few things to think about from an electrical point of view and some helpful tips to ensure safe renovating.

If you are planning to add lighting, appliances or other electrical components it would be worthwhile chatting to us first so we can provide a plan that works with your renovation schedule and ensures you don't end up having to re-do anything later on.

Please be very careful and if your not sure don't risk it, call Elect Solar to provide assistance.


Can your supply cope with any new circuits

When undertaking a renovation it is important to consider what you might be changing or adding to the house in electrical terms and ensure that your supply is capable of handling things and that your switchboard can take additional circuits


Overhead supply

If your existing electricity supply is overhead then it may be worthwhile including the upgrade to an underground supply that ensures longevity and improves the aesthetics of the home in your overall renovation plan, plus if your planning to extendthe front of the home these works may need to be considered


Isolate your power before cutting into walls

Always isolate the power before cutting into plaster or walls as there may be cables behind that you can't see


Are you protected from electrocution

Renovating is a good time to get a health check on your switchboard and ensure RCD (residual current device) protection is in place. These types of protection devices are designed to disconnect before causing harmful effects from electrocution. A common misconception is that circuit breakers provide protection. They DO NOT protect you from electrocution, they are designed to protect the cabling in the circuit, not a person so ensure your house is protected by RCD's for the safety of everyone involved, including your household pets


Plan ahead

You may be renovating over a long period or there may be other additions that you want to add at a later date such as a pool, spa or outdoor area. Its worth thinking about these now to ensure new circuits can be pre-run before any new internal or external walls and flooring are put in place. This ensures a neat and tidy renovation that doesn't have cables exposed or mounted on the outside of the walls


Electrical health check

Prior to starting any renovations or additions it pays to have an electrician look over your existing system and provide a health check. This can save thousands down the track and gives you the confidence to progress.

Elect Solar provides a health check where we review the current status of your switchboard and discuss your plans for future requirements within the home. This service costs $77 inc GST and at the completion we will provide you with any recommendations and advice

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