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At Elect Solar we pride ourselves on providing good advice to our clients that is best for there individual needs. We take the time to look at all aspects of your solar installation from measuring your roof space, discussing where the inverter will go, explaining how things will look, working out what size will be most beneficial and what you can expect from your new PV system.

  • What size system should I install?

    As part of our initial consultation we discuss your energy needs and work with you to determine the ideal size system. We take into account your current and future needs, maximum energy demands and local restrictions then we explain this to you.


    For residential installations the system size normally ranges from 2KW to 5KW


    The table below shows an estimate of possible savings working on the expected average generation per kWh. This should be used as a guide only. to ensure you select the right size system we highly recommend having a chat with us to review your situation as every house is different.



  • Will the system fit on my roof?

    Sizing a system correctly includes understanding the available roof space and ideal orientation to the sun so that you can maximise your systems performance, as part of our site inspection we will measure your roof and discuss with you the ideal layout.


    Panels can be installed on East, North and West facing roofs, orientating them to North provides the maximum amount of energy production however splitting an array East/West can provide more usable power depending on your lifestyle and energy usage patterns.

  • What costs are unique to my location from my energy provider?

    At Elect Solar we aim to cover the majority of expense in the total cost of the solar PV sytem, however one expense that cannot be included is the cost for the upgrade or reprogramming of your energy meter so that it can read solar. This is billed through your energy retailer and ranges from $170-$500


    Other additional expenses may include any electrical work required to ensure a safe installation. This will be discussed with you during the site inspection and appointment prior to any formal pricing so that you know what your total expense will be


  • Which equipment is the best?

    We have selected products that we know and trust, whilst all electrical equipment can fail our approach to selecting products for our clients is based on proven reliability and the how quickly the manufacturer can provide service and support.


    Can I choose my own equipment?

    Absolutely, we recognise that you may have specific products you would like as part of your system and we have the ability to acquire most products available. Speak to your consultant if you have some specific products you would like to use.

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