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Switchboard installations and upgrades

The switchboard is the heart and soul of your electrical system and provides the control and protection for all of the circuits in your home or business. Ensuring that they are kept up to date and well maintained will protect property and persons from damage and injury. There is some misconception about the types of fuses and circuit breakers used in a switchboard and what types of protection these offer. See below some examples and if you are unsure you can give us a call to discuss the best course of action.

Fuses and Circuit breakers

The purpose of these devices is to provide protection of cabling and to minimise hazards such as electrical fires. On there own they do not protect a person or livestock from the possibility of electrocution


Traditional fuses were used as the first type of circuit protection. These devices are designed to protect the cabling and insulation only. They do not protect a person or livestock from possible electrocution and injury.

These types of fuses either have a cartridge that clips in or takes fuse wire to operate correctly.

Any switchboard still operating with these types of circuit protection should be upgraded immediately.

Circuit breaker

Circuit breakers are designed to operate when a surge or overload occurs to protect the cabling within an installation. It is a common misconception that circuit breakers are designed to protect persons and livestock. This is not the case and it is highly recommended that residual current devices (RCD's) are installed in conjunction with circuit breakers to ensure electrical safety.



Residual Current Device

Residual current devices (RCD's) are the current standard for protection of persons and livestock. They are designed to operate so that an electric shock does not occur. They can be installed in conjunction with circuit breakers or as one combination circuit breaker/RCD unit.


The expected costings to upgrade an existing switchboard can range from approximately $500 - $1500. If you would like a detailed quotation please complete the quote request form above and we will be happy to assist you.

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