11.5 Megawatt Solar Plant Canberra

Williamsdale Solar Farm Overview.

11.1375mw of PV on an Exosun single axis tracking system.

35,540 modules in total, 24,020 of 315w and 11,520 of 310w.

1777 tracking tables with 20 modules on each tracking frame.

Site consists of 75.66 acre or 30.6 Hectares in total.

8th largest solar system in Australia at time of completion.

First Exosun tracker installed in Australia.

Located 25minutes south of Canberra at Williamsdale.

Farm made up of 1 x 7.5663mw and 18 x 198.4kw systems.

6 months construction time to grid connection and full commissioning.

200km of cable installed.

Generates approximately 18 Gigawatt hours of electricity per year, this is enough to power approximately 3,500 homes.

Up to 35 electricians on site at one time, over 100 construction workers on site.

Complex project, single connection point for the whole 11.1375mw, 19 connection points within the farm, 18 x 198.4kw and 1 x 7.5663mw, using 310w panels for the 18 x 198.4kw systems and 315w for the 7.5663mw system.

18 x 198.4kw systems were de-centralised with 144 x 25kw string inverters, 8 inverters per 198.4kw system.

1 x 7.5663mw system is centralised with 10 x 664kw inverters within 5 x “PV Boxes” housing 2 x 664kw inverters and 11kv transformer.

Extremely challenging site, undulations, very hard rock, high rainfall events, site un-traversable with road based vehicles due to ground conditions.

Huge trenching equipment required to excavate rock to install cables, all piles had to be drilled then backfilled with aggregate before piling for tracking frames.





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